Alcohol Swab

Alcohol swabs have gained importance again with the increasing importance shown to hygiene in recent years. It is one of the most needed materials in...

Alcohol swabs have gained importance again with the increasing importance shown to hygiene in recent years. It is one of the most needed materials in pandemic conditions. Hygiene is very important to protect against diseases and not to acquire new diseases. Hospitals, clinics, grocery stores...

Many places need to pay attention to hygiene conditions. Nowadays, when it comes to hygiene, alcohol wipes are one of the most used products. Alcohol wipes act as a disinfectant as a result of the alcohol they contain.

Alcohol wipes are used in many places;

It is used in hospitals and clinics to prevent germs.

Used to wipe hands before and after meals

In places where soap and water are inaccessible

Used in vehicles.

It is practically used in the cleaning of some places in homes.

What are Alcohol Swab Useful For?

Alcohol swab destroy bacteria and germs due to the high alcohol they contain. No virus remains on the surface on which it is applied. Especially in pandemic conditions, we should wash our hands often to avoid contracting the virus .

We can use alcohol wipes when we are outside or in places where we do not have access to water. Alcohol wipes will destroy 99% of the viruses in the hand. Alcohol wipes have also been one of the most sought-after and ordered products during the pandemic period.

The question of whether alcohol wipes can be used for babies is one of the most asked questions lately. Alcohol swab, if the alcohol content is suitable for babies, there is no problem in using. Since baby skin is a much more sensitive structure, great care should be taken. Alcohol swab can be used if they do not contain any harmful chemicals for babies.

How To Use Alcohol Swab?

Alcohol swab, which are used as a medicinal product, are rubbed into the skin before the injection, and then the injection is made. This is done in this way so that no infection situation occurs. Alcohol wipes remove bacteria and viruses from the skin at that moment, and when the injection enters, these bacteria are prevented from passing under the skin.

Alcohol swab are soft due to the cotton used and do not wear out easily. When using alcohol wipes, they are opened from the package and applied directly to the surface or skin. After use, it is thrown into the trash. It is a disposable hygienic product. Alcohol swabs are used in many industries along with disinfectants.

The main reason why it is so preferred is that it is easy to carry. You can use it during the day by throwing a few in your bag. Their prices are also quite affordable, like other disinfectant products. It is also a very suitable product for cleaning electronic appliances such as mobile phones, computers.

What is the Difference Between Alcohol Swabs and Wet Wipes?

One of the most frequently asked questions is the difference between alcohol wipes and wet wipes. There is no alcohol in wet wipes, but alcohol swabs contain high alcohol. This alcohol Decency is about 70-80%. Wet wipes are not used medicinally. Since it does not contain alcohol, it is not as successful as alcohol swabs in destroying microbes. The area of use of alcohol swabs is much different.

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